The Joy of Making Music

Making joyous music with Jennifer Silk and The Roy Vombrack Orchestra. (Photo: Richard Shay Photography) A numerologist once told me my “numbers” reveal my purpose in life is to bring joy and optimism to others.  Maybe that’s why I love what I do: playing music to make people’s happy and celebratory occasions even more so.

From the time I began playing in rock bands in high school, I never had a desire to be a solo “artiste”—making music in a band setting and entertaining a crowd is what really appealed to me.   And even though my primary instrument was sax, I was never just a “jazzer”—I loved all kinds of music: rock, jazz, country, blues, classical.  I would listen closely to recordings to figure out what made the different genres special, which I later put to great use in creating hundreds of different types of music tracks for TV and radio commercials.

I carry this same love of variety into the RSVP Orchestra’s performances.  Weddings, corporate events, galas, concerts—their audiences are diverse in ages and tastes within the same event, but they share a common desire: to be entertained and have a good time.  Our mission: to have everyone who hears us feel we have played something just for them, and to play it with feeling and enthusiasm.

It’s not just playing or singing the “right notes”, it’s how we play and sing them that connects us with our crowd.  Judging from the unsolicited testimonials you can read at, I’m glad to say my life-purpose gets renewed on a regular basis.

You can also visit us at our Facebook page.

2 comments on “The Joy of Making Music

  1. Jeanne Silk says:

    wow thanks a your is so personal and I think today people crave the personal interchange..of course I feel very honored to receive your attention

    November should be the start of something big with lots of gigs Love your favorite MIL

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