Loving music, as a professional…and a fan!

 Welcome to my new blog, written by a musician and full-time bandleader who has played professionally since high school, yet still approaches every performance and recording session with the enthusiasm of a music fan!  I hope to share with you ideas how to make your special occasions more festive or meaningful with music, pitfalls to avoid, stories of performances good and bad, and observations about the music “scene”.

Music has an elusive, magical quality that affects no two listeners the same, which makes it all the more mysterious–and to some people, intimidating–when planning an event or creating a mood for a recording.  In future posts, I hope I can alleviate the intimidation factor, while keeping in a little of the mystery and magic that makes music such a vital component of any successful celebration or presentation!

Please visit www.RSVPorchestra.com and www.jcbigband.com for examples of some of my live music endeavors.

2 comments on “Loving music, as a professional…and a fan!

  1. Jennifer says:

    What an insightful first blog. I look forward to reading your future posts!

    • Roy Vombrack says:

      Thanks for being my first commenter! I hope this blog can help its readers to learn about, laugh with, and live a little better via music through my posts, as well as through comments from readers like you!

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